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Musleh Khan is esteemed as one of Canada's foremost and highly sought-after Islamic speakers.

For over two decades, he has served as an instructor, counselor, and religious scholar, impacting over 500,000 students globally through various mediums like videos, audio recordings, conference lectures, and seminars. Musleh Khan is deeply passionate about guiding and motivating young adult Muslims to foster a strong sense of religious identity and pride. Students appreciate his approachable demeanor, humility, and sense of humor. His unique style of delivery evokes emotions ranging from laughter to tears, leaving audiences filled with joy.

He has been featured on major international TV networks, including prominent Islamic channels like Peace TV and the Islam Channel of Europe.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Musleh Khan is a dedicated philanthropist, actively involved in serving and advocating for the welfare of others. He has successfully raised over a million dollars for various global charitable organizations, including the IDRF, Human Concern International, PennyAppeal, and numerous other humanitarian groups worldwide. Sh. Musleh consistently visits schools, youth mentorship programs, and counselling centres, providing crucial support to troubled youths and adults in need.


In 2016, Musleh Khan was chosen to serve as the sole Muslim chaplain with one of Canada's largest law enforcement agencies, The Toronto Police Service. In this role, he offers guidance and religious counsel to police officers, federal agents, and staff members.


In 2002, Musleh Khan embarked on a transformative journey to Madinah, Saudi Arabia, to pursue his Islamic education at the esteemed University of Madinah. There, he completed his studies in Islamic Theology, cherishing the privilege of learning from some of the most respected and knowledgeable scholars of Islam.


Currently, Musleh Khan resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with his wife and children.


Sometimes what you think is making you weaker, is exactly
the thing Allah sent to strengthen you.
Trust Your Creator. 


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