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Musleh Khan is recognized as one of Canada’s most renowned and sought-after Islamic speakers.

For over twenty years as an instructor, counselor, and religious scholar, Musleh Khan has taught and reached over 500,000 students worldwide through videos, audio, conference lectures, and seminars. He has a passion for teaching and inspiring young adult Muslims to develop a sense of religious identity and pride as a Muslim. Students have enjoyed and connected to his warmth, humility, and humor. He carries a unique method of delivery that brings about laughter, tears, and happiness for all. 


He has been featured on global-wide TV networks, including the world’s largest Islamic channels: Peace TV and Islam Channel of Europe.


As a philanthropist, Musleh Khan also dedicates his time to serving and promoting the welfare of others. He has raised well over a million dollars for global charitable organizations such as the IDRF, Human Concern International, PennyAppeal, and many more organizations around the globe. Sh. Musleh continues to visit schools, youth mentorship programs, and counseling centers in an effort to support troubled youths and adults in need. 


In 2016, Musleh Khan was selected and currently serves as the only Muslim chaplain with one of Canada’s largest law enforcement agencies - The Toronto Police Service. Sh. Musleh answers questions and provides religious guidance and support to police officers, federal agents, and employees alike. 


In 2002, Musleh Khan traveled to Madinah, Saudi Arabia, to commence his Islamic education at the prestigious University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, where he completed his studies in Islamic Theology. During his time in Madinah, Musleh Khan enjoyed the pleasure of spending his time in the company of and learning under some of the most well-respected and knowledgeable scholars of Islam. 


Musleh Khan currently resides

in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,

with his wife and kids.  


Sometimes what you think is making you weaker, is exactly
the thing Allah sent to strengthen you.
Trust Your Creator. 


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