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Musleh Khan is dedicated to providing services in many different areas.
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Born in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, and into an extended family lineage alumni of the University of Madinah and Mecca, Musleh Khan carries a vast knowledge of Islamic history and life experience in Madinah and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 

With this knowledge and experience, a trip to the holy lands with Musleh Khan makes for a very informative and unique experience. 




When delivering Friday sermons, Musleh Khan always has three main goals in mind: Educate,  Inspire, and Grow.

For over 20 years, Musleh Khan has been able to find the majority of his dawah success in Friday Sermons.

Afterward, he will relish on community engagement along with q/a’s.




With over 20 years of experience, Musleh Khan has been exposed to the vast majority of community and family struggles.

Musleh Khan is proud to offer adult individual counseling,

couples counseling, children and youth counseling, and a variety of religious and spiritual services.

Musleh Khan has over 20 years of experience fundraising for various organizations, campaigns, and causes.


Musleh Khan's unique method encourages and motivates 

donors to support and give, generously.  

No matter what your fundraising for, Musleh Khan's fundraising method has always proven to be a success!

As an Imam and Resident Instructor at The Islamic Institute of Toronto, Musleh Khan is always happy to facilitate your religious wedding ceremony on your special day.

Regardless of your audience, you can look forward to a fun, happy, and memorable experience.

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